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Om Ganesha

Obscurum | 5 September 2006, 2:22pm


The Ganesha pics will be added soon.

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Eyes without a Face

Obscurum | 17 September 2004, 2:15am

Eyes without a Face

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** Embarrassed **

Can someone help me out with the Telugu.


Maybe that

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Unimpresive Art

Obscurum | 15 September 2004, 9:54pm

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Yup you got it !


AP-13-U-8849 Is not too much different from all the others.



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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 10:53pm

Here is AP22U5827

This guy loves numbers.

I mean take a look at the 1130 atop the canvas.

Then look at the 1-13-7 on the back panel of the main body.

What is  that about ?

India flag on the mud flaps, and again we see the tri-colour theme on the back panel. Not to miss the O....K

No sign-off by the artist here.

Now, lets go to the main canvas :

This is not a beach setting like so many others, but is a lake of sorts.

Not much detail in the boats, but he's freaked out on the trellis roof and staircase of the house.

Interesting effect with the trees behind the house, and check out the bold oil-on-canvas strokes used for the sky and the mountains.

What i couldnt figure out is the sawed-off tree stump bang in the centre of the foreground.


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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 8:44am


Lets start with AP12U2257

First of all, I'd be really grateful to anyone who can translate the Urdu text at the top of the canvas.

Now lets look at the painting :

1) Good detail in the border using silver coloured paint.

2) Also attention to detail in the reflection of the 2 boats in the water.

3) Interesting high-light of the palm trees on the right hand side ( RHS ), despite the already highlighted sky above the mountains, which lends the picture an eeire depth and relief between the trees and the sky.

( Note the stripes on the trunk of the tree, and the LHS versus the RHS of the trunk with its lighting effect. )

4) Note the artist's logo at the RHS below the canvas ( Habeeb Art, Moghalpura. But more about the artists later )

5) There is a smudged object, of what could have been a human figure in the LHS of the picture. But he changes his mind.....i wonder why.

6) Interestingly there is no sight of land in the foreground, just the backdrop of ( fiery red ! ) mountains.

7) Look at the funky mud flaps at the base of the auto, and the rear metal panel ( FOR HIRE OK ), which has horizontal stripes in colours akin  to the Indian flag !

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Obscurum | 13 September 2004, 8:06am

AUTO ART< ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Since the time I first came to this city in 1998, the paintings on the rear of the typical Hyderbadi auto-rickshaw has held a fascination for me .


These paintings are characterized by their recurring theme, bright and vivid use of colours, personal statements and at times intricate design.


While these images grab the attention of the first-time viewer, it seems commonplace to the residents of the city, and most treat it as part of the city- scape and nothing more.


Not so for me. 


Since mid 2003 I began spending a considerable amount of time traveling around the city on a daily basis and had been witness to fleeting but exquisite designs on the rear of these carriages, which captured my imagination and provoked a chain of thoughts and questions, leading me to seek out these drivers and the artists who have turned the hoods of these autos into a canvas.


It is my personal belief, that the spirit of the true artist can never be contained, and struggles to be released and expresses itself at every opportunity and through any available vehicle.

( did I just say vehicle ? )


From the primordial cave-drawings, ancient Roman frescos and Egyptian hieroglyphs to the masters of the Renaissance.


The creative urge takes our life experiences of the world around us, and views it in a fresh and new way, by manifesting itself through the hands and eyes of the artists.


I offer to you now, one such journey and exploration of what can only rightfully be called AUTO ART.



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